Dual Color Thor&
Dual Color Thor&

Dual Color Thor's Hammer Knotwork Necklace

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Thor's Hammer embodies might and strength, so it only made sense to design a necklace honoring the Norse god.

Thor's Hammer necklace in 316L stainless steel with gold Celtic knotwork decoration.

This pendant is approximately 1.5" (4cm) tall and 1.1" (3cm) wide at its widest point and comes with a matching stainless steel chain in either 20" length. The hammer is double-sided with the same design on both sides.

In Norse culture, Thor's hammer Mjölnir is an iconic weapon of the Nordic God of Thunder. Thor used this remarkable weapon to such an extent that it became his most identifiable attribute.

By legends, this hammer was the most powerful weapon in existence, capable of leveling mountains with a single blow. Being one of Thor's most prominent representations and godly strength, the weapon was widely popular amongst the Norse and was used widely for religious practices and rituals. Akin to the crucifix, Mjölnir was used for blessing the holy events such as marriage or worn by Nordic warriors to grant them strength and protection in battle.

Eventually, Mjölnir became a symbol of more than just Thor. It came to stand for the entire Norse faith and everything they believed in.


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